Warp Random Event Table

Warp Random Event Table

Warp Travel Random Events –

Chance of Event Roll –

For a journey of 5 ‘squares’ or less travelled in Calixis Sector roll once for chance of event occurring.

For a journey of 6 ‘squares’ or more travelled in Calixis Sector roll twice for chance of event occurring.

For a journey from Calixis to elsewhere in the Segmentum roll three times for chance of event occurring.

For a journey from Calixis to elsewhere beyond the Segmentum, or for journeys in particularly dangerous regions (the Eye of Terror, Lucky Space, etc.) roll four times for chance of event occurring.

Chance of event occurring –

In the event the journey is uneventful as a rule of thumb it takes roughly one week per ‘square’ travelled on the pictorial map.
0-79 % No event.

80-95 % External event.

95-100% Internal event.

External Event Roll –

01% Major Beneficial Warp Stream Fluctuation. The warp stream fluctuates in a bizarre way, causing the pc’ ship to arrive at it’ destination 1-8 sidereal days before it actually began it’ journey. In real terms meaning the pcs have travelled back in time.

02-05% Minor Beneficial Warp Stream Fluctuation. The warp stream flows particularly fast, carrying the pc’ ship along at increased speed. The journey only takes a day for each week it would normally take.

06-60% Minor Warp Storm. A relatively minor warp storm delays the pc’ ship. Add 1-2 weeks to travel time.

61-70% Moderate Warp Storm. A warp storm of some severity delays the pc’ ship. Add 2-4 weeks to travel time. There is a 50% chance of a roll on the Internal Event Roll while trapped in the storm.

71-80% Becalmed. The warp stream suddenly ends, leaving the pc’ ship becalmed and motionless in the immaterium. The stream eventually returns to normal as suddenly as it stopped. Add 1-8 weeks to travel time. If 5 weeks or over there is a 60% chance of an Internal Event Roll.

81-90% Extreme Warp Storm. A particularly bad warp storm delays the pc’ ship. Add 2-8 weeks to travel time. There is a 75% chance of an Internal Event Roll while trapped in the storm.

91-98% Becalmed in Company. As above, however another ship is also becalmed in close proximity to the pc’ ship. There is a 50-50 chance this is another Imperial ship of some kind (GM’ discretion), or a non-Imperial (ie hostile) vessel – perhaps a Space Hulk (containing either genestealers, mutants, or even possibly daemons), a xeno craft of some kind, a pirato-renegade marauder, or an Imperial ghost ship (perhaps haunted by warp phantoms and the like).

99% Warp Maelstrom. The ship sails into a massive warp storm. Roll 1-6 times on the Shipboard Chaotic Events Table, each roll represents a day of time aboard the ship being assaulted by the maelstrom without. Eventually the ship is ‘spat from the warp’ (roll on table below).

100% Cataclysmic Warp Storm. The ship is destroyed by a hideously powerful and focused warp storm. The pc’ must either burn a Fate Point in order to reach a lifeboat barely in time to escape, or perish with the rest of the ship’ crew and passengers. If the pcs do use the lifeboat they are ‘spat from the warp’ (roll on table below).

Spat from the warp -

Whilst these (warp) storms rage, any vessels within are tossed about on roiling currents sometimes being spat out at random locations.

Dark Heresy P.255

01-50% The vessel emerges elsewhere in Calixis Sector. (Roll 2D8 X axis and 2D8 Y axis, to pinpoint on the pictorial map).

51-80% The vessel emerges somewhere else in the Segmentum Obscurus.

81-95% The vessel emerges somewhere in another Segmentum of the galaxy; (1-2 Solar, 3-4 Pacificus, 5-6 Halo Stars, 7-8 Tempestus, 9-10 Ultima)

96-00% The vessel emerges somewhere inside the bounds of the Eye of Terror…

Internal Event Roll –

Psykers are at increased risk to blunts while in the warp, therefore any psyker takes an extra 2 corruption points on top of any other points suffered during the voyage. They also

01-10% Make New Contact – Each member of the party has a 50% chance of making a new contact – at the players choice this can either be a romantic contact (with either a member of the crew, or a fellow passenger), or a useful contact (such as befriending an important or interesting fellow passenger, or the ship’ captain, for example).

11-15% Warpdead Bequest - A rich fellow passenger, the Dowager Lady Organilla Blaumrosen, dies of a heart attack during the voyage (rumours state she was in flagrente with a burly deck hand at the time), and true to Calixis tradition all the other passengers get given one of her belongings from her luggage by the Captain. These ‘warpdead bequests’, as they’re known, can be anything from antique pistols she was taking to a relative, an item of her jewellery (which scandalously seem possibly to be xeno in origin), or more startlingly a book that seems to hold dark sercrets between the lines of it’s text. (GM’s can use this to either feed future adventure hooks (was she a cultist, a dabbler, or something else?), or just bits of tech and gear, as they choose.

16-35% Minor Warp Leak – Warp seals on the ship begin to leak, causing all aboard to have a 50% chance of suffering 1-6 Corruption Points. Make 1 Roll on the ‘Shipboard Chaotic Events Table’.

36-40% Moderate Warp Leak – Warp seals on the ship are leaking, causing all aboard to have a 75% chance of suffering 1-10 Corruption Points. Make 2 Rolls on the ‘Shipboard Chaotic Events Table’.

41-50% Severe Warp Leak – Warp seals on the ship are seriously leaking, causing all aboard to suffer 1-12 Corruption Points. Make 3 Rolls on the ‘Shipboard Chaotic Events Table’.

51-60% Murder Aboard - One of the crew or passengers is a murderer. People start to be killed horribly. The PCs can investigate if they choose, if they do an adventure will need to be played through, if not the killer gets away with his or her crimes.

61-70% Engine Trouble - The ship’s engines fail, leaving the ship adrift on the Warp Stream. The crew manage to fix them after a week, by which time the ship is well off course. (Roll 2D8 X axis and 1D8 Y axis, to pinpoint on the Calixis pictorial map).

71-80% Mutiny – Over half the crew of the ship mutiny during the voyage; (01-50 - This is understandable as the Captain is a brutal martinet, and the mutineers are sympathetic and generally likeable. 51-80 - The crew have been taken over by a relative handful of murderous piratical thugs, perhaps actually ex-pirato trash, who intend to slaughter and rob all the passengers. 81-00 - The mutineers are led by a Chaos cult that intend to flood the ship with the raw ‘purifying energies’ of the wondrous realm of Change.) How the pc’s deal with this is up to them and the GM. If a quick fix is required the PCs can choose to burn a Fate Point and seize a lifeboat, to be spat out of the warp (roll on table), however roleplaying is suggested in order to scotch the mutiny and survive to the destination.

81-90% Food Spoilage – A blight has got into the food, rotting or corrupting almost all of the ship’s supplies. This will probably mean stopping at the nearest planet to resupply, and thus lose time. However, there is a 30% chance that the navigator also advises that it will take him 2 weeks sidereal (shipboard) time to reach a suitable point to exit the warp, or risk being ‘spat’.

91-00% Water Shortage – As ‘Food Spoilage’ except that the ships water supplies have inexplicably dried up, either through ageing pipes and the like, or perhaps some strange warp effect. Either way the PCs have to face a resupply stop at the nearest planet, or 2 weeks without any water.

Shipboard Chaotic Events Roll –

1 The Data-slate of Chaos. Over the course of the voyage, a dataslate in one of the pc’ possession starts sending messages to him seemingly from dead relatives. The messages become threatening, and more and more disturbing. The messages stop after the ship leaves the warp. (Grade 2 Fear Test)

2 Nightmare Voyage. From the first night onwards, the pcs, crew , and other passengers, are beset by vivid and horrifying nightmares whenever they sleep. The GM can decide the nature of the nightmares for each person, or be vague if he chooses. (Pcs fatigued, exhausted, and each should have had made a Grade 1 Fear Test, when they arrive at destination…

3 Sudden Seer. One of the pcs experiences a very intense vision, either of the near future, or of a secret event involving other party member’ past he wasn’t previously aware of - the dirtier and more damning the better.

4 Up warp-creek without a navigator. The ship’ navigator succumbs to a warp surge, there is an 80% chance he dies, in which case his death spasms cause the ship to crash out of the warp to appear randomly anywhere in the Sector (see ‘spat’ table), or a 20% chance he goes insane and suffers an extreme delusion that he should be heading for Holy Terra, the source of the Astronomicon, as it’s the only place he’ll be safe from the evil outside the ship. It will take several weeks before the Captain, passengers, and crew realise they are a long … long … way from where they should be, and worse that the navigator will believe anyone who tries to stop him getting to Terra is a Chaotic enemy, and will resist them as best he’s able, possibly leaving the occupants of the ship adrift in the Immaterium without their vital navigator…

5 Daemonic Stowaways. The ship picks up a passenger, or passengers, that slide in from outside; a daemon, or daemons, bent on causing the most havoc they can; 01-50% 1-8 Malleus Minima daemons, 51-70% 1-4 Malleus Minoris daemons, 71-90% 1-2 Malleus Majoris daemons, 91-00% 1 Malleus Extremis. Naturally a hunt will have to ensue, once the PCs actually realise they have company of course. The actions of the daemons will depend upon their specific type and Chaotic affiliation of course, and is something the GM should decide. Personally I think, even for powerful daemons, initially subtle corruption of crew to serve and worship them would be a good first step, rather than simply running about the corridors killing npcs and practically asking to be taken down. It’s even possible the daemons might wish to hide until the ship arrives where it’s going, thinking to slip into human society at large …

6 Mass Corruption.Widespread corruption of the crew occurs, mutation and insanity spreads quickly and riot and mutiny follow. The GM can either make the pcs roleplay and battle their way out of this, or the pc’s can burn a Fate Point and be ‘spat’ (roll on table).

7 Ice-ship. Throughout the voyage the interior of the ship periodically becomes frigid with warp-frost, lowering the temperature to potentially dangerous levels - the crew begin to freeze to death on several occasions and begin combing the ship for wood to break up and burn in large bonfires in their struggle to keep warm. Even passengers without cold-weather clothing will face a very unpleasant, and possibly fatally cold voyage. Psykers aboard suffer terrifying feelings of ‘presence’, and appaling nightmares (Grade 1 Fear Test nightly). However nothing actually happens beyond this disquietening phenomina.

8 Static Shock. Corposant bolts and searing sparks of psychic electricity begin to intermittently flash and crackle across bulkheads, consoles, metal doors, even deck plating, shorting out cogitators and ships systems, and charring unfortunate crewmen and passengers. Each day in the warp there is a 15% chance that each pc will suffer being hit by one of these flashes of warp lightning, suffering D10+1 Damage, and 1-5 Corruption Points.

9 Love Boat. Chaos and the warp don’t always mean blood and death. Throughout the course of this voyage crew and passengers begin to exhibit greatly increased –ahem- amorous feelings. The rest of the passengers and crew engage in all manner of unusually blatant lewd behaviour and seem to be pairing off on a daily basis. Each week in the warp each pc needs to make a (average difficulty) Willpower Test, or he will try to initiate an amorous encounter with whoever is around, if he gets ‘knocked back’ (ie turned down) he will move onto someone else until he gets what he’s looking for. Any children conceived during this voyage will grow up to become prodigiously powerful psykers. The pcs suffer 2-6 Corruption Points for every Test they fail.

10 Warping Wind. A shrieking pillar of spinning of raw warp-matter screams randomly through the corridors and chambers of the ship, melting people into hideously deformed lumps of bubbling flesh, or merging others into the very hull and bulkheads. If not exorcised, the wind will suddenly end, leaving it’s trail of devastation behind, and each pc will need to have successfully made an Average Agility Test to have stayed out of it’s way. If hit, either the pc burns a Fate Point, or dies horribly. The wind leaves behind corruption in it’s wake (all aboard suffer 2-8 corruption points.

11 Ships that pass in the flow. Due a flux in the warp, as the pc’s ship passes another vessel headed in the other direction, several members of each ship’s complement (including possibly the pcs) are uncontrollably and instantaneously transported onto the other ship, at the same time as an equal number of people from that ship suddenly appear on the pcs ship. There is a 10% chance per pc that they will ‘swap ships’. The nature of the other ship, and thereby who the new people on board are, is obviously of great import …

12 Possession. The ship’s servitors become possessed by a powerful, though disparate, warp spirit, calling itself Gon’chadribar the Many. This daemonic spirit is a strange, and unfathomable thing, which only seems to want to make the servitors under it’s command perform eerie slow dances in baffling patterns. Naturally, a group of monotask docking servitors spinning and turning in ever more complex patterns is not exactly terrifying or dangerous … but naturally when bridge servitors are ripping themselves up out of their console nests, in order to join in, the normal running, operation, and piloting of the ship is at risk. How the pc’s handle this is up to them, however if Gon’chadribar is not somehow exorcised (an exercise that may result in combat with the possessed servitors) the passengers and crew may have to abandon ship, or exit the warp precipitously.

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