Warp Gretches

Warp Gretch

WS BS Str T Agi Int Per WP Fel Wounds
33 0 31 38 36 26 33 22 0 15

Movement: 6/12/18/36 Wounds: 15

Skills & Talents:
Concealment, Move Silently, Knockdown attack


Acid Blood 1d10 + 3E, Inflict Pain (As Psychic Power)

Natural Armor, Carapace Plates
Head (3), Body (5), Legs (3)

Psychic Blast (Inflict Pain Psychic Wave - All within 10m)
Extruding Jaws 1d10R + 5

These humanoid sized creatures are covered in gray and black chitinous like armor carapace plates. They hunch over similar to imps, have vile glowing silver eyes and an alien facial structure. Their foreheads are large with circular disc like indentions providing some form of psychic emitters. Their jaws are sharply fanged and have an extending mandible of up to 24 inches (Aliens like) which they attack with. They are not acutely agile but capable of cunning, pack hunting tactics.

They can be bonded by some Warp creatures to be used as a spell arc node for their bounded masters.

Threat Rating:
Xenos Minoris

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