Warlord Fez Hexyrus

While being pursued by Inquisition Agents, King Skull's son, Warlord Fex Hexyrus having betrayed his fathers rule and in possession of a dangerous *CLASSIFIED* artefact of chaos was last seen escaping in a planetary shuttle into orbit over Iocanthus. A warrant has been issued by the Inquisition for the capture or cleansing of this heretic.

Warlord Fez Hexyrus

WS BS Str T Agi Int Per WP Fel Wounds
42 42 40 40 47 49 28 30 30 14

Skills & Talents:

Awareness (Per), Carouse(T), Common Lore (Underworld) (Int), Concealment (Ag), Deceive (Fel), Intimidate (S), Speak Language (Low Gothic) Int, Dodge (Ag), Shadowing (Ag),
Survival (S), Invocation, Basic Warpcraft (Int)


Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt
Autopistol Pistol 30m S/_/6 1D10+2I 0 18 Full 2.5K
Frag Grenades X 5 Thrown SB X 3 2d10 X 0 Blast(4) .5


Light Flak Coat Arms, Body, Legs AP 4

Possible in the company of 2d10 Cultists from Iocanthus.

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