Tau Fire Warrior

WS BS Str T Agi Int Per WP Fel Wounds
20 35 30 30 30 35 34 30 30 12

Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 12

Skills: Common Lore: Tau Empire (Int), Awareness: (Per), Speak Language: Tau

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Pulse)

Armour: Fire Warrior Carapace: 6 (Head, Body), 5 (Arms, Legs)

Weapons: Pulse Rifle: 120m S/2/-; 1D10 +4 E Pen: 3, Clip: 20, Reload Full. OR Pulse Carbine: 60m S/4/- 1D10 + 4 E, Pen: 1, Clip: 20, Reload Full. Special Rules: Underslung Grenade Launcher.

Gear: Armour, Micro-bead, Respirator, Photo-Visor, 2 Photon Grenades.

Traits: Ultraviolet Sight: They see further into UV than humans, allowing them to pick out patterns unseen by human eye.

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