Welcome Acolytes...

This is a fan site wiki devoted to the Dark Heresy line of RPG's created by the great team at BI. We are looking for like minded Game Masters willing to provide submissions, and anything else related to Dark Heresy and expand this site to keep the game alive for the years to come.

Please take a look around, we are new but we are devoted and will be as good as the Game Masters who work here want us to be.

One of our main project is the design of the Rogue Trader Fan Rulebook. Our forums are a good place to start discussing projects and important topics.

What makes us different than Dark Reign or another fan site?

Simple. We are like a guild of writers and creators here. Contributors are coming together to WORK here. Dark Reign is the place where we send our finished product…to be immortalized and useful to the community. That isn't to say that what we have listed here now isn't useful, feel free to browse, use, and even jump in and help. But this is where we show the world what projects we are working on, we discuss on the forums how to make them better, and get them finished.

Once a project is finished, we put our stamp on it, we post it here in our library and then make it available at Dark Reign and the official BI forums.

So come on in and help! We'd love to have you.

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