Ship Maintenance Failure

Ships not maintained fail. Maintenance fees should be 10% of the ship's total cost per quarter of a standard year. This fee would cover the parts and hired Techno-priest tithing for them to repair and service the ship at least once per quarter. It may require multiple repair visits if the crew is unable to pay the full amount for maintenance at once. This can be best tracked by the Maintenance Threshold:

Maintenance Threshold is increased by one for each month of a quarter that maintenance fees are not paid and time made for maintenance.

Threshold Effect to Repair
1 15% Chance of System Failure per flight Pay 30% of Quarterly Maintenance Fee
2 30% Chance of System Failure per flight Pay 60% of Quarterly Maintenance Fee
3 55% Chance of System Failure per flight Pay 100% of Quarterly Maintenance Fee

Failure Charts

Roll Failing Area Details
01 - 10 Avionics Malfunction Flight Controls -10% Piloting Skill Checks
11 - 20 Electro Energy Coils Lights flicker, Energy Weapon Damage 1/2
21 - 30 Heat Exchanger Failure Temperature drops, -10% all Skill Checks crew, freezing
31 - 40 Sensor System Failure Scanners, sensor fails, -10% to all sensor checks
41 - 50 Avionics Failure Flight Controls - 25% Piloting Skill Checks
51 - 60 Electro Energy Coil Failure Lights are out, energy weapons are out.
61 - 70 Heat Failure - Life Support Critical Heat fails, oxygen fails 2d10 hours of life left.
71 - 80 Sensor System Failure Scanners out, communications out.
81 - 90 Hull breach Air leak, temperature drops, life support failure in 1d10 hours
91 - 00 Dead in Space All systems fail life support 1d5 hours


Valkyrie Ship Cost: 510,000 Thrones
Annual Maintenance Fee: 51,000 Thrones
Quarterly Maintenance Fee: 12,750 Thrones
Monthly Maintenance Fee: 4,250 Thrones

Maintenance fees include all tithing for the Techno-priests or paying for the supplies and salaries of crew members supporting maintenance efforts. The maintenance fee includes FUEL and docking fees as well.

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