Technical Servitors

Technical Servitors are a common sight in the Imperium, they are not really intended for combat but are very useful in assisting battlefield operations. These are often referred to as mono-tasks, being physically changed and augmented to perform a specific function. Commonly they are used as load-lifters and cranes, but more exotic mono-tasks include the heavy weapon mount and the mobile weapons rack. These are the standard Servitors that accompany a Techpriest.

Combat Servitors

Combat Servitors are modified mono-task lifters intended to fight in close combat, they are normally equipped with the equivalent of a power fist and close combat weapon (claw, chainblade, saw, breacher). This will is an Implant Weapon. Combat Servitors have +20 WS.

Gun Servitors

Gun Servitors are intended to provide fire support for the Techpriest while he works. Often they will have whole limbs replaced as an Implant Weapon. This can be any type of basic or heavy weapon. Gun Servitors have +20BS, and the Hipshooting ability. They may also be fitted with ammunition hoppers to confer the quickload ability.

Praetorian Servitors

Praetorians are intended to provide complete protection for the Techpriest on the battlefield. They are elite cyborg warriors which bodyguard the Magos and protect temples, shrines and other facilities threatened with direct attack.
Heavily armed and armoured they typically mass over twice the bulk of a man or more, with tracks or jointed legs to carry their immense weight. Some Praetorians are created from vat-grown giants or mind-scrubbed Ogryns. All are designed to intimidate, and if necessary, obliterate. Praetorians may be either Combat or Gun Servitors as detailed above. In addition to the rules listed for these Servitor types, a gun Praetorian may mount a heavy weapon. Praetorians also gain the Deflect Shot ability, although this is to represent their extremely armoured nature rather than preternatural reflexes, and this may never be deflected back to the firer.

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