Sephiris Secundus

Calixis Sector
Sephiris SecundusSepheris Secundus is a world of immense mineral wealth, city sized mines, billions-strong hordes of serfs and the sharpest divide between the elites and the masses in the Calixis Sector. It is a grim place of snow and twilight, feral mutants, and lives spent in back breaking labour deep beneath the ground. The Imperium’s eagerness to exploit Sepheris Secundus’s vast resources is such that the planet is at the same time the richest and poorest world in the sector.

Sepheris Secundus’s climate is cold and stormy, its surface obscured by a mantle of cloud. It has no oceans save for the small polar seas, so the moisture in its atmosphere comes from below the crust, spewed out from failed mine workings or natural geysers that pockmark the planet like pustules. Its surface is split between the vast open mines like deep scars in the crust and the dense, snow laden forests broken only by the ruins of failed kingdoms that tried to claim Sepheris Secundus in the past. With its endless blizzards, widespread ignorance and antiquated methods for doing everything, Sepheris Secundus would be a meaningless backwater were it not for the enormous mineral wealth beneath its surface.



CLASS: Mining World.

SUBSECTOR: Golgenna.

SATELLITES: Three moons, none inhabited.

POPULATION: 12,000,000,000.


ECONOMY: Chips or Lumps - In the mines and villages of Sepheris Secundus life revolves around endless mining, to the point where chips and lumps of ore are sometimes used as a default currency.

PRINCIPLE EXPORTS: Sepheris Secundus is the largest exporting planet in the Calixis Sector. Without its massive exports of ore, metals and fuel, the Trade of the Calixis Sector could not function.

Mirror Shield. Used by the Royal Scourges on Sepheris Secundus. The shield is a large rectangular shape that will cover about two thirds of a human sized body. The shield is made from layers of stained glass, a material used in large quantities by the barons of Sepheris Secundus, this gives the shield a mirrored effect that has been known to repel las-weapon shots of a low strength.

PRINCIPLE IMPORTS: Sepheris Secundus relies on imports of food from the sector’s agri-worlds.

IMPERIAL GUARD RECRUITMENT: Its vast population makes it a potential supplier of Imperial Guard recruits, although a relatively small proportion of the population would be suitable because of universally poor health, along with the risk of exposing the subjugated masses to the possibility of life outside the mines.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Stable warp routes link Sephris Secundus to Scintilla, Iocanthus, Fedrid and Ganf Magna. Sephiris Secundus is one of the planets on the path of the Misericord.

Campaign Details:

Brother Kantrel fell against arch-heretic Gavin Correl. Inquisitorial troop invasion netted many casualties but cult Corvus Rising main officers and leadership believed to escape purge.

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