Seer Gimble Techpriest Far Everflame

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Tech-Priest, Seer Gimble is a devoted member of the crew hoping of the Far Everflame. His assignment has brought him throughout the sector expanding his enlightenment and knowledge to the mechanical workings of the region and preparing him for his pilgrimage as a Mech-Deacon. His arms have been replaced with augmented bionics that allow him to easily work on and integrate with the Far Everflame's drive and engineering systems.

He is often found in the engine rooms speaking to the machinery, working to keep things in order. He becomes very aggressive if the machinery and engineering operations on the ship is threatened. His voice is modulated and his face is covered in a metal visor with the symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus emblazed on the front with the symbol for Mars over laid as well.

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