Pilgrim S Pause By Mr Nitemare

Which planet have you chosen?
Pilgrim's Pause

Can you give us a quick summary about the planet? Why is this world interesting? Why should anyone care about this world? What adventures might be found here?
The origin of the cemetery-world Pilgrim's Pause can be dated back to the time of the Harrowing, as the first few saints and holy combattants were buried on the former known "want to be" agri-world Caistos. After the Age of Apostasy a detachment of the Convent Prioris Adepta Sororitas the Order of the Holy Rose rebuild a small chapelle and redesigned it to become one of the most favoured, well-blessed and largest cathedrals in the Imperium, the Cathedral of Thor, with the help of agri-farmers and cultivators. Millenias before Caistos got hit by a asteroid passing the Calixis Sector. The impact nearly destroyed all of the fauna and flora and created a crater as big as half the planets surface. The energy released during the impact forced the plantes water reserves to evaporate immediately. Over one hundred years because of the low gravity of Caistos, it rained half the day down on the earth, the future water for the great ocean. Right now the stationed Order of Sororitas under the command of Cannoness Ryan Chastity watches over the peaceful funerals. One of the legends rumouring around the Hazeroth sub-sector is, that a few of the holy bones of Sebastian Thor himself might be kept in the holiest sanctuarium of the planets Cathedral of Thor. The Cathedral of Thor has a large and complex system of caverns and tunnels throughout the old volcano, where the holiest persons are buried, where even parts of Thor could be. Cemeteries on the landscape cover a large circular part of the countryside with big tombs and large graveyards for standard soldiers and mausoleums for holy priests, confessors and missionaries.

Equatorial Circumfrence in miles :
3,126.4 km

Gravity in G (Low 0-0.7G, Standard 0.8-1.3G, High 1.4G+) :
0.54 g

Class (eg: Agri-world, Death World, Feral World, Hive World, etc…) :
Cemetery World

What moons and/or satellites does the planet have?
There is just one moon in the orbit around Pilgrim's Pause known as "Lonely Pilgrim". The moon became formed as an asteroid crashed on the surface of the former planet Caistos and teared a large rock out of the planets soil. The gravity of Caistos was nearly strong enough to catch the rock and let it surround itself in a distance of about 9,560 km. The moon itself is formed in an oddly shape of a 3/4 sphere without an atmosphere and no forms of live.

What is the size of the planet's population?
The planets population consists of about 100 sororitas plus 500 serving monks and 2,000 agri-farmers. Most of the sororitas and monks live in the Cathedral of Thor, but are spread wide throughout Pilgrim's Pause's surface directing small chapelles and cemeteries. The agri-farmers which before the Age of Apostasy tried to cultivate the planets countryside are now considered food-suppliers for the 600 servants of the ecclesiarchy. The standard live of the farmers is a religious one and all of the monks are rouled over by the sororitas.

Who is the Planetary Governor and what is their regime like?
There is no Planetary Governor on Pilgrim's Pause. All administration is lead by cannoness Ryan Chastity and her sororita order. The relationship towards the agri-farmers is a good one, because they help them in clerical ways and the farmers supply them with food. Their children are sent to the small chapels to learn in the ways of the Emperor and the holy saints of the Imperium.

What are the general religious beliefs of the planet's population? Is there any history of heresy upon the planet?
As said before the population is very religious and knows that their planet is sacred and protected by the Emperor and his followers the Sisters of Battle. There is no sign of heresy on the planet, but recently some agri-farmers children disappeared while getting scholared by monks of a small chapel near the Cathedral of Thor.

Give us some information about the planet's climate, any zones of differing climate? What sort of weather conditions and cloud cover exists? Are there any unusual climatic phenomenon that affect life on this planet (eg: constant electrical storms)?
Because of the great ocean on one side of the planet and the constant cloudformation there is a subtropic climate throughout most of the coastal parts. While gettinger higher in altitude it becomes more habitable where the agri-farmers can cultivate the land. The clouds benefit this with rainfall in the winterperiods of the planet, but there's never any snow. From time to time there is a period known as hurricane-fall where subtropic storms drive eastwards over the landscape devastating the harvest.

Does the planet have polar caps and what are they like?
Because of the high temperature and the great amount of warm water, there are no polar caps on both sides of the planet.

Does the planet have oceans, seas or lakes? What are they like? Are they named?
The impact zone of the asteroid formed a gigantic ocean which now covers one side of Pilgrim's Pause. Another cause for this phenomenom was the old shield volcano on the other half of the planet. Before its top reached through the waters surface only about 50 meters and is now nearly as high as Mount Olympus on Mars. So all the water could flow downhill into the new created ocean.

Does the planet have any native flora or fauna?
Great plains of bushland cover the surface of Pilgrim's Pause, which are also a cause of the subtropic climate. There are no native animals.

Does the planet have any introduced or alien flora or fauna?
Yes. The agri-farmers cultivated kinds of wheat and raise cattle.

In general, how are people on the planet employed? What currency do they use? What is their economy like? What sort of tithe does the planet have to give to the Imperium?
Most people are farmers and monks. The currency is imperial credits. The tithe is Adeptus Non, because of its status as a cemetery world.

What is the society of the planet like? What sort of level of technology do people here use? Are there problems such as rebellions, heresy or mutation?
It is like on a standard imperial agri-farmers world. No rebellions, no heresy, no mutation.

How is water and food distributed here, and does the method of distribution cause any problems?
They get water out of the great ocean "Arabellas Tear", which isn't salty and food distribution is completely supplied by the agri-farmers.

What are the principle exports from the planet, and the principle imports to the planet (eg: it produces metallic ores and munitions, but requires imports of foodstuff and manufactured goods)?
Every year a freighter imports luxurious items and weapons to the planet from Samson IV.

Are there different political territories, nations, empires and so on on the planet? If so what are they called and what are they like? If there are different territories how is the Planetary Governer chosen?
There are just zones which divide the agri-zones and cemetery-zones. The cemeteries cover the nearly every part of the shield volcanos hillsides in a circular zones whereas the agri-parts are on the outermost parts between the coasts and the cemeteries. The caldera of the volcano is place of the Cathedral of Thor consisting even of a small spaceport for private yachts and small freighters.

Are they expected to raise any regiments of Imperial Guard?
None. But boys in the age of 16 are allowed to join armed forces on the nearby planets Samson IV and Regulus. Girls in the age of 12 can join acolyte parts in the chapels and the cathedral.

What sort of relationships, hostile or friendly, exist between this world and others in the Calixis Sector?
The are no problems in the Hazeroth sector with friendly agri-worlds and Samson IV.

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