Orbel Quill

An oddly serene, pastoral world of shepherd flocks and herding where, curiously, no one lives beyond the age of forty years standard. Often thought to be a rumour or a joke, the “death threshold” of Orbel Quill is quite real. Visitors and travellers must beware, as often they are far above the age of forty in sidereal term. Anyone forty or over is stricken with a terminal decline and dies within thirty six hours, even visitors who have amassed their years ship-time. Many speculate that the planet is governed by some deep-seated system that combs out what it perceives to be the elderly. Certain facts are evident: No one has managed to identify what it is that kills the over-forties on Orbel Quill. Whatever it is, it certainly does kill them without exception. Finally, Xenos ruins in the southern hemisphere of the planet have never been properly explored.

It seems likely that it is also no coincidence that Eldar have been regularly sighted in the empty quarters of this planet.



CLASS: Agri-world.


CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Stable warp routes link Orbel Quill to Malfi, Scintilla and Seedworld AFG:218.

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