Mr Zephy's Dark Heresy Missions Based On Iron Maiden Songs

Dark Heresy missions based upon Iron Maiden Songs

Different World:
The acolytes have to chase a suspected heretic merchant across the vast blackness of space. Given their mission aboard the freighter by a destructing message from their Inquisitor, they will have to spy upon the merchant to discover the extent of his heresy before he reaches the destination and alerts any conspirators; there could be a signal sent in the event of the merchant’s death.
• Use this mission to transfer the acolytes to new surroundings.
• For Careers 1-3

These Colours don’t Run:
The acolytes are on a low-tithing planet with a small population centred in its capital city. The city is under attack by feral orks. However, the officers of the p.d.f. have just been executed for heresy by the acolytes’ Inquisitor, who has since left the planet. The acolytes receive word that there are heretics in the planet’s noble council. Do the acolytes organise the defence and risk being stabbed in the back, or do they go after the nobles and leave the defence of the city to conscripted farmers? Defeat or rebellion?
• For careers 3-6

Brighter than a Thousand Suns:
The acolytes have received word that a noble on the planet has in their possession an incredibly dangerous xenos artefact. The Adeptus Mechanicus calculate that it will require a multi-melta or lance strike to destroy. The cruiser can only deliver lance strikes for a half-hour window every nine hours. The acolytes must chase the noble through the city, wilderness, and even into his stronghold to locate the exact location of the artefact and be able to call in a lance strike. Decisions must be made as to whether it’s right for the target to be lanced in an urban area, whether calling in p.d.f. assets will tip the noble off and if waiting for him to move the artefact to his stronghold, where he could activate the device before the cruiser in orbit can break through its defences.
• For careers 4-8

The acolytes’ Inquisitor, as a reward for an informant’s work, has promised for their family to go on pilgrimage. However, because the informant’s work has made him enemies in the planet’s mercantile noble class, and the associated organised crime gangs. It would not be safe for the family to travel on the standard forms of transportation on offer for other pilgrims. The acolytes must organise land cruiser/ mammoth train/ airship caravan transport for the family and defend them from bandits/ rebels/ mutant raids.
• For careers 1-2
Longest Day:
The acolytes are on an agriworld. The main crops of the planet are plant feed for grox herds, but on one island there are fields and fields of Rutilyr, a plant that has several unique compounds in their fruit. These compounds can be processed into the combat drug ‘slaught by passing through the digestive systems of a large herbivore and a highly dangerous predator that feeds on the herbivore. Ordinarily the predators are hunted with high-calibre weaponry and the carcases retrieved and processed. However, the acolytes have been crash-landed on the island by [insert enemy here]. They must get ready for the siege to come when rescue is still long off, but they are the only meat left.
• For careers 1-3.

Out of the Shadows:
The acolytes are in the planet’s main city when they attacked by a group of mutants yelling “Justice!” and “Out of the Shadows!”. The acolytes can call for enforcer back-up and crawl through the dungeon-like sewers and tunnels that make up the mutant revolutionary groups method of secret transportation, and find the central nest.
But if they dig deeper into the why of the attacks they will find something more. The mutants are being funded by one of the councillors on the Planetary Governor’s Council. The plan is for the increased risk to intimidate the Council into allowing him his own legal military force. And since power grows out of the barrel of a gun, increasing his power.
• For careers 2-4.

The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg:
A year ago, the Adeptus Arbites executed the criminal Benjamin Breeg with a bolt round through the head for trafficking in heretek. Since then, successive crimes have been committed by other men calling themselves Benjamin Breeg. After another acolyte saw a worker fall, spasming, to the ground, get back up, and grin. When the acolyte then saw a wanted poster for the man, one “Benjamin Breeg”, he knew witchcraft was at work.
The acolytes have to hunt down these rebirths of Breeg, and discover why they are occurring. They will learn to be careful about killing him, as he could reincarnate into any person on the planet.
• For careers 3-8
• Players may find that killing his soul with psyker abilities to be the key to stopping this menace, since mere locking up will never hold an essentially immortal foe.

For the Greater Good of God:
The acolytes are on a planet only a few years travel from the edge of the newest sphere of expansion of the Tau Empire. They have been called in by the Planetary Governor to root out sedition and heresy. He gives the acolytes three routes of investigation:

• The “Greater Good of the Emperor” groups that have sprung up in the planet’s poor districts. They believe in the technological utopia offered by the Ethereals, which will (so they say) improve working conditions and home comforts, and allow them to worship the Emperor out of the unjust rule of the Planetary Governor .
• The Tau goods such as machinery, small arms and vehicle engines that keep turning up, probably shipped in secretly in the holds of freight ships and sold for high prices.
• The sabotage of some manufactoriums and railways, with the damage being consistent with “Fusion” weaponry.
• For careers 4-7.

Lord of Light:
The rebellious noble known as the “lord of light” has been trapped on his home planet after the destruction of his fleet of converted freighters at the hands of the Imperial Navy. He has retreated to his fortress complex on an archipelago in the middle of the planet’s ocean. The acolytes must lead the imperial forces in destroying him and his army.
They will receive advice from the Naval and Imperial Guard commanders assigned to the warzone. The assets committed include: an Imperial Guard infantry regiment, several squads of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with their Valkyrie transports, Transport fighter-bombers, two wet-navy gunboats and a cruiser’s firepower every 9 hours.
The acolytes must commandeer freight and cruise ships to transport the army to the shores of the islands to poem them up and clear the rebel PDF out. Then, the bunkers must be broken into and the Lord of Light found. At the centre of his lair, a corrupted Eldar artefact will be poised to start drawing the world into the warp. The acolytes must use their mind-trained Stormtroopers to fight their way to the artefact, defeat the now-monstrous Lord of Light, and save the world from destruction. They shouldn’t expect to come out of this hell-hole alive.
• For careers 6+
• (I intended this to be adaptable; that is the Lord of Light could be any long-running villain, giving them a fitting end.)

The acolytes are on a planet where the citizens of the south continent rose up in rebellion against the Planetary Governor, taking some of the PDF with them. The North met the South in battle on the land bridge connecting the two continents. The South made some gains, but their advancing army was halted and routed at the outskirts of a city called Trenton. To prevent the North from capitalising from the victory, the Southern commanders ordered the Northern forces to be bombarded from crop-sprayers with a mixture of pesticides and chlorine gas.
The Planetary Governor’s forces won, and the war has been over for some months. Ministorum officials investigated, but did not find that the revolt was heretical in origin. A peace has been signed and the planet is whole again.
However, the war left thousands of soldiers in hospitals with lung disorders. The acolytes have been called to a hospital where some wounded southern soldiers have been going insane and trying to escape, or kill the northern soldiers being treated. The acolytes (with enforcer support if they can wrangle it) must put down this second insurrection.
When they get to the hospital (and kill a few unarmed soldiers), they will learn the reason the southern soldiers have been going paranoid from a southern officer being treated; the poison weapons used had witchery in the recipe.
Now, the acolytes are trapped in a hospital with hundreds of shambling scalpel-armed chaotic ex-humans that can smell their souls and hunger for them. If they can fight their way out, they must face the problem of the thousands of other northern soldiers who will be changing into these things in their beds. Is there a cure? Is a demon gaining power from their deaths? Will the chronically-under strength PDF be able to clear the hospitals out, or will the acolytes have to use heavy artillery to flatten the hospitals, leaving millions of people without medical help?
• For careers 3-6.

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