Malcom Vess, Senior Acolyte
Malcom Vess Human Male Scintilla, Tarsus Arbitrator Regulator
WS BS Str T Agi Int Per WP Fel Wounds
45 52 4 4 47 49 52 44 50 14

Skills & Talents:

Awareness, Common Lore (Adeptus) + 10, Drive (Ground Vehicle), Inquiry + 10, Scrutiny, Pistol Training (SP), Pistol Training (LAS), Rapid Reload
Intimidate, Security, Barter, Ciphers (Acolyte), Tech-Use, Interrogation, Search, Survival, Exotic Weapon - Needle Pistol


Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt
Tarsus I1 Needler Pistol 30m S/_/_ 1D10R 0 6 Full Accurate, Toxic 1.5K


Malcolm Vess is a senior acolyte for his master Lord Inquisitor Ahmazzi. He can often be found plying the space lanes near Scintilla on errands for his master. He provides key support to acolyte operations throughout the sector by arranging drops and pickups of supplies and information.

Roleplay Notes:

Malcom is quiet spoken and confident, usually charged with recruiting and preparing new acolytes for service, and cleaning up after their messes if neccessary. He has access to several units of mercenaries, thugs, and assassins that he calls upon to clean up or deal with issues.

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