Kao Li By Nerroth

Forbidden/Xeno Resource System

Demiurg Bastion of the Rho’in Brotherhood, moving away from the Kao-li star after a routine resource collection.

Kao-li is a relatively well-placed resource system, which despite the lack of habitable planets is well-stocked with mineral-rich asteroids and a trio of readily-harvestable gas giants, which would under other circumstances make for a viable supply point for the Imperial Navy, both for patrols of the coreward portion of the Calixis sector and the trailing portion of neighbouring Ixaniad Sector.

However, for the most part Battlefleet Calixis and the sector authorities leave the system alone, and those expeditions or incursions made by Calixis-native forces, such as the Scions of Macragge, have failed to make a lasting impact on the status of the system as beyond the writ of the Emperor of Mankind.

The primary reason for this difficulty can be found in the form of the distinctive vessels of the Demiurg. A number of Brotherhoods operating in this portion of Segmentum Obscurus are known to use Kao-li as a supply point and meeting area, and it is rare for there not to be at least one Bastion-class commerce vessel, or even one of the mighty Strongholds, to be present, be it sending a wave of automated mining craft to the asteroid belts, lying prow-on to the star while drawing energy from its output (in a manner which confounds the Adeptus Mechanicus) or waiting for a vessel from one or other agencies to enter and request a trade… or a deal.

Demiurg are keen to trade, and their wares fetch high prices when dealing with Rogue Traders, Ordo Xenos investigators (of the more radical persuasion, at least) and other parties willing to deal with them. Also, their legendary hatred of the orks, tied with the numerous orkoid infestations in Calixis, Scarus and Ixaniad, mean that it is not entirely unknown for their services in combat may be called upon for the right price – or, indeed, that they may choose to engage the greenskins of their own accord.

Of interest to the Ordo Xenos is the possibility that the Demiurg have allowed others to make use of the system’s resources, under certain circumstances. One such case, dating from 992.M41, pertained to what appeared to be a temporary deployment of Diasporex solar collectors, though the presence of fleet assets belonging to that nomadic faction in Calixis is unconfirmed at best. Another case regards a vessel in-system which matched the description of a kroot warsphere – which, if true, would leave several questions to answer, such as how common a kroot presence outside of the Ultima Segmentum truly is, and whether either the Demiurg or kroot present have some form of connection to the distant tau empire.

Indeed, it is not for nothing that the Scions – who have learned of said xeno empire from their links to the Ultramarines – are the most vocal advocates for a large-scale Crusade against Kao-li. However, even the Scions have many other, more pressing matters to deal with, and even though they are loath to accept Demiurg ‘aid’ against ork forces, they grudgingly accept that so long as the greenskin infestation in the sector remains at its current level, a strike against Kao-li would be less beneficial to the Emperor’s holdings than leaving the cleansing of the Demiurg to a more appropriate time…



CLASS: Forbidden/Xeno System.

SUBSECTOR: Josian Reach.

SATELLITES: No terrestrial planets, but several Galilean-class moons orbiting two of the three gas giants, as well as several smaller moons and ring systems around all three.



ECONOMY: Unknown – the details of Demiurg economic systems are less than fully understood by the Ordo Xenos, and the Demiurg are not in any rush to share such information with the Imperium…

XENO PRESENCE: No less than one, and a maximum of several (no upper limit known) Demiurg Brotherhoods, aboard Stronghold or Bastion class commerce vessels. Unconfirmed intermittent presence of other xeno factions in-system.

PRINCIPAL EXPORTS: To those who deal with the Demiurg, the hiring of one or more commerce vessels as mercenaries, or the offering of finished goods to traders, are the most common exports. However, while it is possible that the Demiurg allow certain xeno races to make temporary use of the system, no Imperial vessel has been allowed to collect resources directly from Kao-li.

PRINCIPAL IMPORTS: The Demiurg set what price they see fit for their goods and services, but do not have one particular item they import to a great extent over another… if one excludes the offer to kill greenskins, that is.

DEFENCES: Unknown, yet what defences are present have been enough to repel every effort by the Imperium to dislodge the incumbents.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Legally, Imperial organisations (save for members of the Ordo Xenos, or those possessing a Warrant of Trade) are strictly forbidden from dealing with any xeno race, even one as relatively non-hostile as the Demiurg.

However, unofficially, more than one planetary governor, ambitious noble, Imperial Navy admiral or other such individual has found recourse to call upon the options which the Demiurg offer, and are willing to pay the steep prices demanded by a race with more than enough reason to be wary of the Imperium.

The full extent of the Kao-li Demiurg’s connection to other factions such as eldar, Diasporex or others, however, is an unknown quantity – a state of affairs the Demiurg guard quite jealously…

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