Welcome to Rogue Trader, a roleplaying game of Cunning, Danger, Adventure and Profit, set in the decaying far future of Warhammer 40,000. You are the rare few, the sanctioned adventurers on the un-patrolled borders and badlands of the galaxy.
A Rogue Trader is a trusted imperial servant, he is given a ship, a crew, a contingent of Imperial Navy marines and carte blanche to roam the worlds beyond the Imperium. Most of the galaxy remains unexplored, unknown and dangerous.

Operating in isolation from the central authority of the Imperium, the Rogue Trader must
decide how to react to alien cultures, new discoveries and threats. If he judges a race potentially dangerous he may attempt to destroy it, or gather as much information about it as he can so that others may do so. If he decides a race may be of use to humanity he may attempt to make contact and establish relations. If merely technologically or minerally rich, a planet may be plundered, and the Rogue Trader will return to Earth laden with the treasure of space; alien artefacts, rare and precious minerals and undreamed of technology.
Needless to say, the Rogue Trader requires a fair compliment of spacecraft, troops and other staff if he is to complete his mission. His total responsibility may extend to a dozen spacecraft, often huge, lumbering cargo vessels crammed with a small army, a full crew of technicians and volunteer settlers to establish colonies on new worlds. Most important, however, are the fighting troops, for it is they who will have to deal with any potential threat.

"The common man had no business with space travel, and it was certainly true that a great many worlds within the Imperium kept their subjects in ignorance as to its nature. Some populations were so efficiently ruled that the common man had no inkling that the Imperium existed beyond his own, planet-bound horizons. Rogue traders however, had an Emperor-given right, indeed, a responsibility to pierce the outer dark, shining the light of civilisation into the vast, uncharted reaches of space, and, inevitably, to amass power and wealth beyond measure along the way." ~ Captain Lucian Arcadius (Rogue Star by Andy Hoare)

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