Calixis Sector
Lathes A trio of quasi-worlds at the hem of the Malfian subsector, the Lathes are the foremost forge worlds of the sector, rivalling Scintilla’s Gunmetal City for weapons manufacture. The three planetoids, Het, Hesh and Hadd, enjoy an irregular orbit around their star, intersecting to produce events of hyper-gravity. At such times, industry goes into frantic production, as the commingled gravitational urges of the passing planetoids allow for the specialist smelting of rare metals and alloys. Lathe-world blades are famed throughout the Calixis Sector for their unbreakable character. Gravitational duress also accounts for the dense, armour-piercing quality of Lathe-world ammunition. These so-called “body-blowers” are expensive and rare, and often purchased singly. The damage they can do to flesh is astonishing. Blades produced under gravitic circumstances on the Lathes are considered holy and special. Lord Hax owns a rapier of Lathe origin, presented to him by Magus Luol Rho, the Lathe-world emissary to the court of Scintilla. It is rumoured that King Skull’s sword is also an unbreakable tongue of Lathe-world manufacture.

The workforce of the Lathes is surprisingly small but all those born and bred on those oddly tangling planetoids are meaty, squat and powerful in their demeanour, and built with heavy bones and mounds of flesh.

As with all forge worlds held in the fealty of the Mechanicus of Mars, the Lathes are a secretive, closed environment. Visits require special permits and authority, and the Lathes are protected by a fraternity of warrior priests, who can call upon the power of Titans if the circumstances demand.



CLASS: Forge Worlds.


CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Stable warp routes run from The Lathes to Landunder.

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