Hereticus Tenebrae

Calixis Sector
The so-called Tyrant Star resists easy interpretation but certain key facts are evident.

Komus is described in a doom-laden vision which speaks in apocalyptic terms of a “darkness” that will engulf the worlds of man and ultimately devour human civilisation. The engulfing darkness will be preceded by signs and portents, so-called herald events, that will gradually transmute human minds and make them ready to embrace the darkness. Many believe this to be an obvious allusion to a rising of Chaos and the warp, though this explanation is far from universally agreed. There are many considerable threats in the galaxy. The prophecy could as much apply to the Tyranids (scholars note a repeated use of the word “devour” in the prophecy text) or the Eldar as to the warp. However, given the warp’s manifest ability to uncreate and mutate reality, much weight is given to this idea by the Tyrantian Conclave. The actual text of the prophecy is secured in the archives of the Bastion Serpentis, and Lord Inquisitor Zerbe only allows a very favoured few to examine the complete transcript.

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