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Pulse Rifle stats (from Deathwatch)

Range 150m, S/2/4, dam 2d10+2 E, Pen 4, Clip 36, Gyro stabilised.

In DH thats a whole lot of ouch…in Deathwatch it'll make a Marine yelp :)

Tau Weapons by Richard OrslerRichard Orsler, 13 Jul 2012 11:30
Grunty (guest) 14 Nov 2010 13:59
in discussion Forum / Dark Heresy Projects » Tau as Enemies

Tau pulse rifle I figured being 120m range 1d10+5 E pen 4 S/2/- special rules: Acurate. The thing is stronger than a bolter with the same pen, it cuts through flak armor.

And as for the armor, tau do get an armour save against bolt rounds so having it being 5 or 6 on the head and body makes sense. The left arm would be 4 and the right arm and legs would be 2 or 3?

Their eye sight would only hinder them in close combat with the lack of depth perception. I've never seen anywhere that states their eyes take longer to focus? The lack of depth perception is why they're terrible in cc.

by Grunty (guest), 14 Nov 2010 13:59
Re: Tau as Enemies
Phafin (guest) 04 May 2010 02:26
in discussion Forum / Dark Heresy Projects » Tau as Enemies

If you want to take physics into account then a rail rifle (contradiction in terms) MUST have the unreliable trait and gets hot! The contact area between the rails and the armature (bullet) tends to arc wich disintergrates both. Rail Guns are NOT a small scale weapon, it's like having an explosive needle gun. (hmmm…!)

As for the pulse rifle (once again how do you use rifling to spin a ball of plasma?) yes it is based on plasma tech but more heavily shielded, so no it's not as powerful as a plasma gun. It says so in the fluff! the range I agree, 120m is about right, and the pen yeah, ok 5 is probably not stretching the truth. Remember that part of what makes a bolter so great is the tearing special! Though to counter the tau eysight thing, you could give the pulse a range of 90 but make it accurate, to account for the targeting systems getting a lock blah blah. On the same topic, an aim action would be plenty for time for a tau's eyes to adjust, no need to take it over multiple rounds! (my eyes are avg at best but it does not take me more than 2-3 sec to shift from max focal range to the tip of my nose). The unwieldy special for the rifle is because it's taller than the dude holding it! and no it's not designed for melee.

The hellgun is not a std weapon! it's a special, rare and expensive weapon for storm troopers! That said it's also WAY over penetrated! that or it's 14kg to light.

Re: Tau as Enemies by Phafin (guest), 04 May 2010 02:26
Re: Tau as Enemies
jake (guest) 28 Apr 2010 16:32
in discussion Forum / Dark Heresy Projects » Tau as Enemies

I wouldn't say a Firewarrior's armor would be AP 6 on the chest and head. Based off of the models and fluff and translated into DH, NOT the games (where balance is an issue), I would say the AP of the chest and head should be a max of 5, maybe even 4. The legs and arms should be one or two lower then, since you could argue they are similar to an advanced Mesh Armor.

FW Carapace should not get an armor value against a bolt weapon….

Something I would add on there would be a positive and negative modifier to hit based on time spent aiming, considering that the Tau's eyesight is not necessarily worse than a humans but takes longer to focus. So to simulate that, you could have any shot taken by a FW who has not used some sort of aim action to be done at a -10 penalty. Then to compensate for the fact of aiming and the Tau's advanced targeting systems and other things found in their helmet, increase the standard bonus of the typical aim action by 10 or something. Also, I would say, the Aim actions for them would take twice as long so simulate their eyes focusing.

As for the weapons, someone said it earlier. The shoddy WS, mediocre armor, and need to spend time aiming of the FW should be compensate PER FLUFF by their strong basic weaponry. Considering the fact that Tau Pulse weapons are essentially a downgraded version of Plasma, and using DH statlines, I would say 1d10+5 (bolt weapon) isn't too much. An AP of 1 though, is stupid. An AP of 3 or 4 would be sufficient. I would also change the range. A pulse rifle would in all likelihood be somewhere around the range of a hunting rifle, 150M or longer. Tau are supposed to be able to reach out and touch you from very far away and in all likelihood kill you. FW teams are supposed to be extremely deadly in that regard. This is compensated by the fact that, if you get into CC you will kill them (as feats of physical strength and hand to hand combat are vulgar to the Tau). Or at least into range with really good Imperium weaponry. Then take the chance they won't retreat to another spot to shoot the piss out of you from. The GM should NPC Tau like such. Engage at range beneficial to your forces, and retreat when casualties or combat advantage is lost to engage again when you have the advantage again.

Remember, even the might of the Damocles Gulf Crusade against the vastly outnumbered Tau Empire still ground to a halt. In part due to the strength of Tau weaponry, their philosophy of warfare, and their combat tactics.

Oh, and if anyone decides to put a rail rifle into DH, you might as well make its damage an instant KO if you hit….

I mean, it is a SP traveling at…. a minimum of probably Mach 3 or 4. That would rip most anything to pieces or knock a sufficient badass guy on his back, balance rules aside and actual physics taken into account.

Re: Tau as Enemies by jake (guest), 28 Apr 2010 16:32
Re: Tau as Enemies
David (guest) 14 Feb 2010 04:00
in discussion Forum / Dark Heresy Projects » Tau as Enemies

Tau pulse rifles are actually more powerful then bolters (s4 ap5) where as the rifles are (s5 ap5)

Re: Tau as Enemies by David (guest), 14 Feb 2010 04:00
Re: Tau as Enemies
Nathan (guest) 15 Feb 2009 00:24
in discussion Forum / Dark Heresy Projects » Tau as Enemies

What about earthreals and the other casts

Re: Tau as Enemies by Nathan (guest), 15 Feb 2009 00:24

Tau are famous for their superior weaponry, and these are weaker then standard imperial weapons, ie hellguns and bolters.
Pen should be 3-4 to compete, there is no reason for it to be unmanuvereable.

Eldar Shuriken Catapult
it wouldn't even be possible to hit with half the rounds this fires. Just leave it at -/4/8 and say each round that hits represents individual 3 shurikens. Also think range should be 65m, since its the same as a Pulse carbine.
pen should be at least 2, since these are supposed to go though at least some armor.

"Tau Pulse Rifle: Another divergence. In background, a pulse rifle has a similar effect to a high-powered lasgun shot, so I suggest we have it as the base…In fact, it is close to an long las"
if your going to use that as a base then use it. A high powered lazgun blast is a Hotshot round or hellgun, not a long laz. Those are damage 1d10+4 pen 3.

"they can be stopped quite well by flak armour"
Only they can't, not in the table top. Everything else that has AP5 in the TT has pen3(hellguns, flamer) or 4(bolter) in DH, so that in both they punch though flak armour.

"clip 20" These are always described as extremely large clips, equal to or greater than a laz guns.

Unmanoeuvrable: why?

Re: Xenos Weapons by tauarebetterthanthistauarebetterthanthis, 24 Oct 2008 01:57

there was something else here but i redacted it because i didn't want to make an otherwise decent 40kfag feel bad about giving me the address to this place.

Hollow World is an online roleplaying game based in the universe of Warhammer 40k and Dark Heresy. We do not strictly use a rules system, but instead our Game Masters and Players employ free form storytelling to move along their adventures.

We are currently seeking new Game Masters to run additional plotlines, as well as new players to help create these new plots or to join existing ones.

During the summer, I plan to start up a new plot which will very much be along the lines of a Dark Heresy game, and will feature a group of Inquisitorial Agents searching out the things that go bump in the night. It will be oriented towards elements of mystery and horror, with a focus on roleplaying, investigation and problem solving. Appropriate characters would include Dark Heresy Characters, Hired Guns from Necromunda, Inquisitorial Agents from Inquisitor, or Inquisitorial Retinue from the Daemonhunter and Witch Hunter Codexes.

We also currently have 4 ongoing games, plus additional roleplaying opportunities.

The first is based on the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines, and features a number of characters from the Ragnar novels. They are currently launching an assault into a Necron Stronghold.

The second is based on an Adeptus Mechanicus Expedition to the blasted Rad World of Beryl to investigate the possible location of an STC device.

The third is a loose-knit group of various Imperial Guardsmen and other Imperial Servants (sort of a catch-all) who are currently fighting Tyranids on Hollow World itself.

The fourth is a group from the Tau Empire, made up of Tau, Kroot, Vespid and other races, who are part of a diplomatic and trade fleet visiting Hollow World, but also enacting their own plans for the Greater Good.

In addition, we have Morg’s Pit, which is a tavern area and general purpose welcome area for new characters, run by me, with a rogues gallery of NPCs.

If you have any interest in running a plotline as a Game Master, or a new idea for a game group in which you would want to participate, please let me know and I will do my best to make this happen, as far as finding a GM and/or players for that plot.

If you have any questions, please contact moc.oohay|47htabbaSklB#moc.oohay|47htabbaSklB

Re: Hi there!
in discussion Forum / General Discussion » Hi there!

Where has everyone gone?

Re: Hi there! by MILLANDSONMILLANDSON, 15 Apr 2008 00:06

That sounds like a damn cool idea. Once I've finished my degree, and am able to run a TT game of Dark Heresy, I'd be up for this :)

Re: Ideas hot swap by MILLANDSONMILLANDSON, 10 Apr 2008 10:55

An observation: GMs are, by default, heretics. They are the ones who hatch and develop the evil master plans. The players, the Acolytes, are the ones who will get to defeat (or not) the GMs and save the galaxy from their depredations. Once we have established that GMs are, ultimately, Chaos pawns we must note that such pawns, while reclusive, are often parts of a greater, more sinister conspiracy. Why not replicate this with GMs?

Dark Heresy allows for something that few other games allow: ideas hot swap.
Imagine this:
We all create various dark plots, usually with a lot of paperwork. What if a forum for 10-20 GMs existed (more being probably unmanageable), preferably in the wiki form, where various GMs could enter the latest threats to the galaxy along with data on various inquisitorial investigations and acolyte groups? Even an entry like this:

- Acolyte group Porcus Obesus, in the service of Lord Inquisitor Lomarius, comprising of (the personnel list), currently investigating child abducting cult on Sepheris Secundus.

Let's now say that my acolyte group wanted to know if there was anything serious currently happening on Sepheris (it so happens that my group DOES want exactly that). Instead of writing it myself, I could make them write a formal information request, pass it onto the GM who works against the Porcus Obesus group, he would pass it to his acolytes, which in turn could chose to answer or ignore the information request. The communication would obviously be slow, but this is perfectly in keeping with the nature of Immaterium and the Inquisition. Isn't it neat? We would have a network of dark plots, with GMs swapping info about the developing threats and Doctorr Evils of Calixis Sector, Acolytes in turn could communicate with other groups, perhaps in time establishing working (or backstabbing) relationships. This might serve to add depth to the game and make the galaxy more of a living place where other powers are also at work and less of an instance, created just for the acolytes. And one more thing - really great achievemennts of an Acolyte group would be heralded and lauded across the entirety of the Holy Inquisition.


Ideas hot swap by NurglitchNurglitch, 02 Apr 2008 12:36

And is equally dubious and equally infringing copyright…


Here's what I did for PC abhumans in my DH game:

- No intelligence bonus
- They get the minor mutations Grotesque and Brute

- -20 to Agility
- +10 to Toughness

Ratlings (still a work in progress)
- - Permanently have Acute Kleptomania

Re: Ogryn by Anonymous (76.22.108.x), 06 Mar 2008 02:11

Looks good to me.

Re: Career Referance by MILLANDSONMILLANDSON, 05 Mar 2008 02:11

I'm still here, it's just that my university work is kinda impacting on the time I can spend online.

Once I've got a little more time, I'll put more time into going some stuff for the site.

Re: A Question for mfrantz by MILLANDSONMILLANDSON, 05 Mar 2008 00:53

It all appears fine to me. Of course, I haven't gone over everything, but it looks great…

Well sense you looked at it what do you think, is it missing anything. I tried to included everything I though would be useful, but for some reason I keep thinking I messed something.

Re: Career Referance by SlumberingMageSlumberingMage, 03 Mar 2008 21:13
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