Force Weapons

The weapon is imprinted with a psy-conductive lattice of rare metals, allowing a Psyker to channel their powers through the weapon and enhance their attacks.
A Psyker (Character with a Psy Rating of 1 or more) wielding a Force weapon may use the Empower Weapon psychic power below.
Upgrades: Any Primitive Melee weapon
Cost: 1,500 Thrones
Availability: Very Rare

Empower Weapon
Threshold: 10
Focus Time: Free Action
Sustain: Yes
Range: You
You are able to utilize Force Weapons by channelling your innate psychic abilities through them, rending your opponent with arcs of psychic energy.
If the power manifests correctly, your damage with a Force Weapon increases by D10 for every 2 Psy Levels you possess:
Psy Level 1+2: +1d10
Psy Level 3+4: +2d10
Psy Level 5+6: +3d10
In addition, the Force Weapon gains a Penetration value equal to your Psy Level and the weapon's Damage type changes to Energy.
Overbleed: For every full 10 points by which you exceed the Threshold, the weapon gains +1d10 Damage.
Note: When using Empower Weapon, the Psyker incurs one less Psychic Phenomenon than normal (if 2 9's are rolled during casting, generate only one Phenomenon, for example).

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