Calixis Sector
FenksworldSmall, grimy hiveworld to coreward. Substation depot of the Battlefleet Calixis. It is suggested that many cults and other “secret parties” test their influence on the Fenksworld population, using it as a manageable test bed before moving on to dominant worlds like Scintilla and Malfi. Cults and cult activity certainly fester here. Fenksworld’s most notable feature is its Library of Knowing, one of the sector’s most comprehensive sources of data outside the Prol system. The Library of Knowing’s most significant attribute is that it is run under the ordination of the planetary governor and exists outside general Imperial jurisdiction. The Calixian Conclave has made several (subtle) attempts to close the Fenksworld library down, due to its esoteric contents. The library remains a “family run” enterprise, overseen by the planetary governor’s family, the mercurial House Vaahkon.



CLASS: Hive World.

POPULATION: 1,000,000,000.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Stable warp routes link Fenksworld to Acreage and Zillman's Domain.

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