Calixis Sector
DuskFeral World. So named as the planet is constantly basked in a very low light. The climate means there are large varieties of fungus and even the native wildlife has evolved from Fungal strands.

Dusk was visited by Elana the Unshaken, an Imperial Missionary who made it her lifelong goal to bring the word of the Emperor to the dark places of te Imperium. It is said that she bore a scar for each world she visited, and that upon Dusk she was savaged by predators whilst travelling in the wilderness.



CLASS: Feral World.


NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: Glo-Slugs of Dusk - The glo-slugs can be found in the swamps that cover the world of Dusk. In the water they are quite unremarkable, looking like a giant brown or black slug. Like much of Dusk’s native fauna, the slugs are carnivorous and spend their lives searching for dead creatures to slime over and digest. When removed from the water the slug’s skin immediately gives off a phosphorous white glow.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: There are no stable warp routes between Dusk and other planets of the Calixis Sector, though Malfi is the nearest major planet.

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