The folk of the agri-world Dreah for example have a grey skin, hair and eye tone, which exactly matches the flora, fauna, sky and waters of their notoriously dull planet. Agri-world noted the sector over for its grey skies, soil, plants and waters. Dreahans are notoriously dull, with pallid, greyish flesh and a sullen look to their faces. Traders are able to make large sums selling exotic dyes to the Dreahans. More unsavoury merchants have found a ripe market for hallucinogenic drugs, as Dreahans are particularly fond of the bright colours such substances make them see. The Planetary governor is attempting to crack down on this trade, with little success.



CLASS: Agri World.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Stable warp routes link Dreah to Prol IX and Iocanthus.

Calixis Sector

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