Dark Eldar Wych By Walledin

Dark Eldar Wych

Name WS BS Str Tou Agi Int Per Will Fel Wnds
Dark Eldar Wych 45 40 30 30 50* 40 30 30 30 10




Dodge +20, Silent move, Concealment, Chem Use +10, Speak Language (Eldar), Pilot (Raider)


Jaded, Leap up, Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (Dark Eldar), Basic Weapon Training (Bolas), Unnatural Agility*, Unnatural Speed*, Step aside, Swift attack


Name Class Dam Pen Special
Sword Melee 1D10R+3* 2 Mono
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt
Bolas Thrown 10m S/-/- - 0 1 - Inaccurate, snare, primitive 1.5K

*includes strength bonus


Manacles x3, Mircobead, X2 Stimm, X2 Frenzon, Gang leathers


Dark Eldar prefer hit and run raids to capture slaves and cause terror. Cabals of Dark Eldar can range from 6 to several hundred individuals underneath a single Archon or Drachon.

Dark Eldar Wyches are the gladiators of the Dark Eldar. They fight to gain the respect of a powerful Archon or Dracon. Their presence in a raid suggests a well connected Archon is leading the raid, or that the Wyches require more slaves for their gladiator pits.


Xenos Minoris

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