Chapter 1 Character Creation

Chaper 1: Character Creation

In Rogue Trader, you take the role of a [RT Acolyte? Tradesman?], an employee in the service of a Rogue Trader. You are a man living on the edges of charted space exploiting the riches that reside there - but also courting its dangers. You will travel to all sorts of worlds, and the icy blackness between. You will deal with humans (and abhumans) who have forgotten or even have never heard of the Emperor. You will meet aliens of all imaginable sorts.

You will probably die unmourned on alien soil. But if you have what it takes to survive, you could become rich beyond any citizen's dreams.

Creating Your Character

Most of the guidelines for character creation are in the Dark Heresy rulebook. However, there are some differences between your character and an Inquisitorial Acolyte.

Stage One: Homeworld

D100 Result
01-10 Feral World
11-20 Eldar World
21-35 Hive World
36-70 Imperial World
71-80 Kroot World
81-00 Void Born

Kroot Worlders can be Kroot or Tau.
Feral Worlders can be Human, Ogryn or Ork
Eldar Worlders (Exodite worlds or Craftworlds) can be Humans on Exodite Worlds or Eldar.
Hive Worlders are Human
Imperial Worlders can be Human or Ogryn
Void Born can be any race.

Stage 2: Generate Characteristics

Here use the Dark Heresy Characteristics generation, and then add the modifiers from the different races.

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