Captain Andre Yasmirga Ships Captain Far Everflame

Statistics: Use Kill Squad Trooper with Pilot Package for stats p. 341

Background: Captain Yasmirga is a Void born Trader Commander who has been plying the star lanes between Iocanthus, Scintilla, and many of the Calixis systems for almost 60 years. He is a salty dog, who runs a clean and tight ship, having an air of command about him. (Think the Captain in the movie Titanic). He is a proper gentleman comfortable around nobility and deck hands. He has had to work very hard to overcome his natural oddness as a Void born and even though he has excellent manners it is difficult for him to fit in.

Nobles on his ship tend to compliment him surprisingly that such an odd individual has such excellent taste and quality. He is tall, thin, and has short cut hair, with silver eyes, tatoos of the Aquila on his wrists and neck.

He rarely carries a weapon unless the ship is under an alert of some sort.

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