Astral Hounds

Astral Hounds

Astral hounds appear as large, dark shadowy predators. This form is dependant on the mind of the psyker. Accounts from survivors of attacks of these xenos vary, as each psyker sees them as a predator from their homeworld or some nightmarish creature they’ve read about. They are always animals, however, they never manifest as human-seeming creatures.

They attack in packs of 1d5+1, emerging from Warpspace to drag unprotected psykers into the void. They attack the strongest available psyker first, as the more powerful the mind, the more brightly they shine in the Warp.

Once all Psykers in an area have been paralysed, dragged into the Warp and devoured, the Hounds depart.

WS BS Str T Agi Int Per WP Fel Wounds
43 0 50 41 40 25 35 45 0 15


Wounds: 15

Skills: Awareness, Climb, Dodge

Talents: Swift Attack

Traits: Disturbing, From Beyond, Warp Instability

Manifest: In order to manifest in the material universe, a pack of Hounds must locate a psyker and win a contest of Willpower. They will appear 3d10 yards away and use their translocation power to close with their target.

Translocation: Astral Hounds can teleport. They can vanish into the Warp and reappear anywhere within 2d10 yards of their starting position.

Sense Prey: A pack of Astral Hounds can sense psykers up to 100 yards away without fail. No roll is required.

Paralysing Attack: The attacks of Astral Hounds are Poison (Game Master’s Kit, pg 30) with a Poison Profile of (Instant/-10/Paralytic)

Warp Gate: An Astral Hound can attempt to drag a paralysed victim back into the warp. The unfortunate psyker must pass a Willpower test or fall through the Hounds' Warp Gate and be devoured.

Weapons: Jaws & Claws (1d10+5 R Primitive)

Threat Rating: Malleus Majoris

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