Adam France S Xp Pay Rules

XP Rules

Base XP per adventure;

Complete Success = 100 pts

Moderate Success = 85 pts

Partial Success = 75 pts

Partial Failure = 50 pts

Moderate Failure = 40 pts

Complete Failure = 30 pts

Defeating enemies;

(Receive half these points for foiling or outwitting a foe, rather than capturing or eliminating it.)

Minima = 10 pts per foe

Minoris = 20 pts per foe

Majoris = 40 pts per foe

Extremis = 60 pts per foe

Terminus = 80 pts per foe

Successful (non-combat) tests made;

Easy = 1 pt

Routine = 2 pts

Ordinary = 3 pts

Challenging = 4 pts

Difficult = 5 pts

Hard = 6 pts

Very Hard = 7 pts

Role playing bonus;

Poor = -10%

Average = n/a

Good = +5%

Outstanding = +10%

A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work

10 Crowns = 1 Throne

(1 Throne = very roughly equivalent spending money as £10 -say $20 American- present day money)

Contrary to the ludicrously miserly suggestion given by the rules that PCs earn pay from part time jobs on the side, all acolytes receive a monthly stipend from their Inquisitor, this is paid regardless of the acolytes social class prior to recruitment into the forces of the Inquisition.

The figures below are untaxed, any taxes raised against the PCs, or their cover identities are covered by their Inquisitor’s treasurer.

Monthly stipend -

Base = 200 Thrones + 50 Thrones per rank advancement

Mission bonuses -

Wound taken in service = 10 Thrones per point of damage sustained

Critical wound taken in service = 20 Thrones per point of damage sustained

Successful ‘prosecution’ (i.e. Killing, capture, or otherwise elimination) of foes =

Minima = 35 Thrones per foe

Minoris = 50 Thrones per foe

Majoris = 100 Thrones per foe

Extremis = 1000 Thrones per foe

Terminus = 5000 Thrones per foe

(Naturally these are subjective game term amounts, for example in the setting a PC won’t know how much wound points he’s taken, but the amount above reflects approximately the severity of the wound. Money given for wounds is linked to the idea the Inquisitor gives bonus payments to help the PC secure medical treatment.)

Under these rules an eighth rank acolyte (15,000 xp) is on a take home salary of roughly £72,000 a year, before bonuses. High pay certainly, but by no means ludicrously so given the nature of the work, or the fact many civilians will be far out-earning them.

Naturally noble characters may well still be receiving outside income, for which table 5-1 in the rulebook can be used.

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